Labour Commissioner Organisation,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Vision and Mission

  • Ensuring harmonious industrial relations in establishments and safe work environment in factories; implementation of guaranteed benefits and rights to workmen employed in establishments and factories stipulated under the various labour laws.
  • Eradication of child labour in hazardous process industries and mainstreaming of all forms of child labourers into formal education as well as vocational training to the children of 9-14 years of age; and rehabilitation of bonded labourers.
  • Ensuring on line registration, licensing and renewal thereof to the factories, shops, commercial establishments, contractors, and trade unions; and also the facility to the entrepreneurs of on-line submission of returns under various labour laws.
  • Reforms in labour laws and simplification of procedures to suit the environment of liberalization and globalization of trade and commerce.
  • Ensuring protection of rights and benefits to the workmen guaranteed under various labour laws through a self-regulation scheme at the unit level.
  • Entire data digitization of the departmental activities and functions and also electronic data exchange through wide area networking amongst the regional offices and the headquarter.

The Labour Commissioner Organization is committed to establish harmonious industrial relations in private and state sector establishments; to protect and safeguard the benefits and rights of workers guaranteed under various labour laws in organized sector in general and also to those engaged in unorganized sector; and to ensure safe work environment in factories. The organization is also committed to ensure regulation of employment and conditions of service to the building and other constructions workers; and also the welfare measures to the building and other constructions workers and their dependents.

The Labour Commissioner's organization seeks to achieve this objective through enforcement of various labour laws relating to fixation of minimum wages and timely payment thereof, guaranteeing financial benefits, providing safe and healthy work environment, regulating service conditions, providing social security to the injured workmen and maternity benefit to the women workers and also ensuring abolishing child labour, and rehabilitating those, released from work.

The Labour Commissioner's organization ensures quick disposal of industrial disputes through its conciliation machinery with a view to establish harmonious industrial relations amongst the employers and employees, so that, along with growth in industrial production, the interests of workmen are protected.