Labour Commissioner Organisation,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Stake Holder

Workers and trade unions; industry and its associations; and child and women workers and the bonded labourers.

Commitment to the Stake Holders

  • Enforcement of labour laws in factories, shops and commercial establishments through a Self-Certification Scheme. Under this scheme, a pre-designed format – theCompliance Status Report (CSR) , contains broadly the statements based on the minimum concerns to be answered by the entrepreneurs, so that the status of compliance is objectively evaluated. This format, duly filled in, is required to be submitted by the unit to the local office of the department by 31st January of every year, which shall be verified by a joint team in respect of 20% of the units every year. Such 20% units shall be identified on the basis of number of workers employed therein starting from the larger employment. The joint team shall consist of Asstt. Labour Commissioner/Labour Enforcement Officer; Dy./Asstt. Director of Factories; a senior representative of the management of the unit; and an agreed representative of the workers. If the compliance, after verification, is found to be 100%, a Green Card may be issued to the unit and thereafter the unit shall be exempted from inspection for the next five years. However, these units shall be required to continue submitting annual compliance status report (CSR) on prescribed format every year in the month of January.
  • If a unit has received SA-8000 certification, the department on an application from the unit, may exempt the unit from inspection for the period of such certification.
  • This system of self-certification shall not be applicable in respect of hazardous factories and for the inspection of boilers under the Indian Boilers Act, 1923.
  • Regular inspections procedure, already in existence, shall be applicable to such units, who shall not follow the above system.
  • In view of specific nature of brick-kiln industry and also with an objective to ensure implementation of labour laws applicable in brick-kiln industry, the State of Uttar Pradesh vide order no. 625/36-3-06-62(CM)/01 TC, dated 28th March, 2006 have issued instructions to concentrate, on priority, on certain issues relating to regulation of employment, conditions of service, working conditions, hours of work and social security measures under the various labour laws during the inspection of brick-kiln establishments. The Labour Enforcement Officers and the Asstt. Director of Factories posted in the regions have been inspecting the units to carry out the above instructions of the State Government to ensure the above priority concerns in the brick-kiln establishment
  • Registration and renewal of shops and commercial establishments.
  • Registration and licensing of factories and renewal thereof.
  • Registration of units engaging contractors and license to the contractors; registration and licensing for the employment of migrant labour; license and renewal thereof to carry out Beedi making; and registration to the owners of motor transport establishments
  • Inspection of boilers with a view to enforce the provisions relating to safety of boilers and other related equipment and also registration and renewal thereof.
  • Speedy and timely redressal of complaints and grievances of workers through conciliation proceedings and enforcement of labour laws with a view to establishment harmonious industrial relations and payment of dues and benefits guaranteed under various labour laws.
  • Timely intervention in industrial disputes for its prevention through conciliation and settlement in respect of private and state sector establishment.
  • Publication of awards within a period of 30 days.