Labour Commissioner Organisation,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Services and Activities

  • Prevention through conciliation and settlement of industrial disputes
  • Award publication
  • Regulation of industrial housing
  • Certification of standing orders
  • Enforcement of awards and settlements
  • Enforcement of labour laws indicated in Annexure-A
    • Registration and renewal of shops and commercial establishments
    • Registration and licensing of factories and renewal thereof
    • Registration of units engaging contractors and license to the contractors; registration and licensing for the employment of migrant labour; license to carry out Beedi making; and license to the owners of motor transport establishments
  • Registration, de-registration, amendment of bylaws and amalgamation of trade unions
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Enforcement of provisions relating to occupational safety, health, welfare and working hours in factories
  • Inspection of boilers with a view to enforce the provisions relating to safety of boilers and other related equipment and also registration and renewal thereof.
  • Child labour elimination and rehabilitation
  • Bonded labour identification and rehabilitation
  • Social security measures
  • Implementation of welfare schemes for unorganized workers
  • Development and generation of statistics
  • Library
  • Training Cell for employees of the department.