Labour Commissioner Organisation,

Government of Uttar Pradesh


The Labour Commissioner Organization administers and enforces 33 labour laws(24 are Central legislations and 09 State legislations) to ensure, mainly, provisions relating to social justice and economic inter-dependency, improvement in working conditions, social security, and protection against harassment and exploitation of working children, women and men employed in organized sector. Labour department ensures quick disposal of industrial disputes through its conciliation machinery with a view to establish harmonious industrial relations amongst the employers and employees, so that along with growth in industrial production, the interests of workmen are also protected. The department periodically fixes the minimum wages and ensures their due and timely payment to the workmen. The labour laws are consistent with fundamental rights of citizen, the directive principles of Indian Constitution, and at international level, with standards laid down by International Labour Organisation through various conventions and recommendations.

Labour Commissioner Organization was established in 1936. Along with executive functions through its administrative set up, following wings are also established in the Organisation to enforce various labour laws and timely intervention in industrial disputes:

  • Enforcement and Conciliation
  • Directorate of Factories
  • Directorate of Boilers

Currently 22 different sections are functioning at the headquarter under control of the Labour Commissioner, who is assisted by the following officers:

S.No. Officers
1 Additional Labour Commissioner (IAS/PCS)
Additional Labour Commissioner (Child Labour-PCS)
Additional Labour Commissioner (PCS)
2 Finance Controller 01
3 Legal Advisor 01
4 Additional Labour Commissioner 03
5 Director Of Factories 01
6 Director Of Boilers 01
7 Deputy Labour Commissioner 06
8 Deputy Director of Factories(Medical) 02
9 Deputy Director of Boilers 03
10 Assistant Director of Boilers 05
11 Assistant Labour Commissioner 08
12 Finance and Accounts Officer 01
13 Time Study officer 01
14 Assistant Accounts Officer 03
15 Labour Enforcement Officer 12
16 Engineer (Mechanical/Electrical) 01
17 Speed Study officer 01
18 Assistant Speed Study Officer 01
Total 55