Labour Commissioner Organisation,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Expiry Important G.O.’s & Rules & Notifications

S.No. GO No. Date Title Attachment
13216/36-3-2000--66(s.)/9911/16/2000Uttar Pradesh District Child Labour Rehabilitation and Welfare Fund Rules, 2000, underView Government Order
 PDF | Size: 39 KB | Lang: Hindi
21319/36-3-1107/04/2011Special schools under National Child Labour Project Operator with regard to child laborView Government Order
 PDF | Size: 111 KB
3194/36-3-2014-07(New.we)/0401/28/2014Minimum Wages Act 1948View Government Order
 PDF | Size: 2 MB | Lang: Hindi
41923/36-3-1(M.W)-9607/03/1996Minimum wages 1948 section 26 (relaxation under Agriculture employment)View Government Order
 PDF | Size: 109 KB | Lang: Hindi
5260/36-2-14-19/200605/30/2014Individuals and employees from wage Ktutiyo all claims arising from the prescribed authority under which such claims collateral all BisyView Government Order
 PDF | Size: 408 KB | Lang: Hindi