Labour Commissioner Organisation,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Important G.O.’s, and Rules & Notifications

S.No. GO No. Date Title Attachment
11910/36-2-2017-8(g)/1701/15/2018sanyukt prant audhyogik vivad adhiniyam,1947 --- dhara 2 k (adhisuchit region)View Government Order
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21911/36-2-2017-8(G)/1701/15/2018sanyukt prant audhyogik vivad adhiniyam,1947 --- Niyam 32 (adhisuchit region)View Government Order
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31912/36-2-2017-8(G)/1701/15/2018sadharan khand adhiniyam 1897, dhara 11 updhara (7) and dhara 33 G updhara (1) (adhisuchit region)View Government Order
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41782-181610/16/2017The Consumer Price Index released by the Labour Bureau, Shimla based circular 2001 = 100 View Government Order
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5989/36-02-1708/23/2017BOC Adhisuchana Amendment 2017View Government Order
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6- 13/2017/836/36-032017-1820/1207/28/2017NEW INSPECTION POLICYView Government Order
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711/2017/545/36-03-2017-29(GEN)/14 TC LUCKNOW06/16/2017SELF CERTIFICATIN AND THIRD PARTY INSPECTION OF BOILERSView Government Order
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8GSR 427(E) DATED 02-05-201705/02/2017Indian Boiler (Amendment) Regulations, 2017View Government Order
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