Labour Commissioner Organisation,

Government of Uttar Pradesh


S.No. Title Date Attachment
1Power Delegate by Labour Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh23/05/2017View Circular
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2DA rates in sugar industries11/04/2017View Circular
 PDF | Size: 552 KB
3special allowances in hotel and restaurant industries11/04/2017View Circular
 PDF | Size: 1010 KB
4D.A. in Glass Bangle industries28/03/2017View Circular
 PDF | Size: 629 KB
5D.A. in Kaleen industry28/03/2017View Circular
 PDF | Size: 639 KB
6D.A. rates in Bidi Industry28/03/2017View Circular
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7D.A. rates in 59 Employments28/03/2017View Circular
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8Promotion of grade3 to labour enforcement officers20/03/2017View Circular
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9promotion of pradhak sahayak to L.E.O.20/03/2017View Circular
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10D.A. in Engineering Industries28/02/2017View Circular
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11ALC Seniority list Final28/12/2016View Circular
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12Wage revision in Sugar Industries30/09/2016View Circular
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