Employees State Insurance Scheme,

Labour Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh


  • At hospital and dispensary level unusable furniture and equipment were replaced by purchasing new furniture and equipment.
  • High quality medicines were made available to the insured persons and their family members treated in the hospitals and dispensaries associated with the scheme.
  • Rates of availing meals to the admitted patients in the hospitals has been increased to Rs. 100 per patients instead of Rs. 65 per patient.
  • During 2014-2015; 1286831 patients were treated in 94 allopathic dispensaries and 486868 patients were treated in OPD of hospitals.
  • During 2014-15; 240002 pathological tests, 12501 X-ray and 10631 Ultrasound were done under pathological facility in 15 Hospitals of the state.
  • During 2014-2015 in total 6182 operations were carried out in Employees State Insurance Hospitals.

For modernization of scheme associated hospitals during the Financial Year 2015-16 the government has allocated a Budget of Rs. 160.00 lakhs which was just Rs. 25 lakhs during the last Financial Year.